Walk in closets:

At Gemini, your designer will create a well organized space that meets all your needs. Customizing your space for all your long and short hanging items, sweaters and shoes will make your space completely neat, functional and easy to find what you’re looking for. Adding Shoe shelves will keep shoes off the floor and easy to see. Adding accessories such as pull out tie racks, pull out belt racks, valet rods, jewellery drawers will put all your accessories at your fingertips.   Laundry baskets will keep your dirty laundry tucked away and off the floor, without moving a laundry hamper in and out of the closet.

With our multiple finish options, we can create a closet that is beautiful and functional.

Reach In Closets

Our Reach in closets are also designed with many space saving options. Adjustable shelving, drawers, laundry baskets, valet rods and jewellery drawers.   Pull out accessories for your belts, ties and scarves. Your closet will be designed to maximize your closet space.